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Whether it’s a small or large-scale project, Frank’s Concrete Company has the expertise and capability to fulfill your needs with concrete additions.


It truly doesn’t matter the type of concrete additions that you’re looking for, we have the capacity to ensure safety and quality on your project. It could be an RV pad or a large concrete floor, you will receive results that go above and beyond your expectations. Depending on your project’s requirements, concrete will be affordable, durable, and of the highest quality in services and product. Your project could be a pad for various items and/or more:


  • RV pad
  • AC unit
  • Backyard shed
  • Basketball court
  • Extended patios or walkways
  • So much more!


Forget the days of eye-sore additions on properties left and right.


Your addition will look like it belongs on your property. We are able to match and/or complement design, style, and colors of your home and/or any other features nearby your concrete additions. No matter what the project is, you’ll be able to rest easy in knowing that it was installed with proper care and attention to detail for your ultimate safety and overall durability in mind.


If you built your own home or bought your home knowing that you’ll need to have additions, concrete additions are the perfect way to scale for life’s growing moments.


Enjoy the changes of life without fretting about killing your landscape and/or creating an eye-sore for your home. You can have elegance, cohesiveness and even add value to your home simply by utilizing our expertise in concrete additions. It doesn’t matter if it’s installation of concrete slabs or more, we strive to exceed your expectations with every project we’ve given.

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